Your New Favorite Place to Find Glasses…..

Are you in the market for new glasses? Maybe new sunglasses? Well, you MUST check out ZenniOptical! No, seriously they start at $6.95!

*** I am in NO way affiliated with ZenniOptical. I am not being paid for this post, I am simply a happy customer that wants to share a good bargain!***



Rx Glasses from Zenni

You read that right…. six dollars and ninety-five cents! That includes your prescription!  I recently found out about on Instagram. My second order just arrived today, and I wanted to share with y’all just how good they are!

Now, I will tell you I went to my local Optomatrist to get my correct prescription before I ordered. A prescription is not required with ZenniOptical because they do offer “fashion” glasses as well. They offer a huge selection of frames. I knew I wanted square frames, so I simply chose that category and had an abundance of choices.

Once you choose a pair,  Zenni offers add-ons. You can choose to have different lenses and shades, anti-glare coating, mirrored tints, etc. I found a pair of cat eye glasses that I loved and chose to have a rose mirror tint with amber gradient lens. I also opted for the oil and fingerprint resistant add-on, and BOOM! I had a trendy pair of prescription sunglasses! Here is what they look like!

Sunglasses from ZenniOptical

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This pair was $19, but I splurged a little with all the add-ons.

This was the first time I had ordered glasses online, so I was a bit nervous. In the past, I had tried on dozens of frames at the store before I decided. While I was waiting to be called for my eye exam, I tried on various styles and concluded I was going to be happy with square frames, so that’s where I started. Also, has a side tool with multiple face shapes so you can see how they might look. There is also a 360 degree option that allows you to see them at all angles.


I now have 4 pairs of glasses for myself and a pair for my daughter. My favorite pair are the tortoiseshell print glasses…and they were $6.95….again, that INCLUDES my prescription! I did add $1.95 to the cost because I added my monogram on the inside arm! ( I live in the south, so if monogramming is an option its always a ‘YES’!)


monogram glassesZenni Glasses




Here are the 2 pairs I ordered with my monogram.








This is my most recent order:  A pair of black frames I turned into sunglasses for when I play outdoor sports, and a new pair of tortoiseshell glasses for my 11 year old ( She also got the monogram!)

Jenni Order

I had a 10% off code from an email I got from, so be sure to sign up for their newsletter! Another perk with this company is that you only pay shipping for one pair; so stock up!


I am so happy I stumbled upon Zenni! I highly recommend them! Click the code below to get $5 off your order!


As always, thanks for reading!