Print Pictures with Creating Chatter

Two fun ways to print your pictures!


Raise your hand if you have a bazillion pictures sitting on your phone….well, let’s print those pictures!


I love taking pictures, I always have. Right now if you were to open my hall closet you would see loads of photo albums; so many, that I eventually had to switch to photo boxes to save space! As time went on and the use of a digital camera sort of disappeared, so did my days of printing……until somewhat recently! I now have two ways to print! I came across a fantastic mobile app called “FreePrints” and I love it. It’s completely  free to download and very simple to navigate. You just upload photos from your phone’s gallery and chose the ones you want to print, the size, and the quantity. I have found that this app’s cost per print is less than a local drug store’s photo lab, and they give you 80 FREE prints a month! Yes, FREE! Another bonus of this app is that they will occasionally email you with additional coupons. I know there are an abundance of photo printing apps out there, but I have had this over a year and I recommend it!

Here is a screenshot of my phone so you can see what the app looks like:    Photo print app


Now, let’s talk about my absolute favorite way to print pictures from my phone::: The Polaroid Zip!


I do a lot of journalling and scrapbooking so these little instant 2×3 prints are perfect! This device is around $100 or so and includes 1o prints. Amazon usually has some great bundle deals, so I often re-order paper through them.

So, what exactly is a Zip printer? Well, its only the coolest little gadget you can have for your smart phone! I could write all about it, but let me just show my quick little video so you can get a good look!



If you are thinking you now need one, but not sure how it works, lemme give ya a quick break down:


1.) Once you own one, download the app called ‘SnapTouch’. Follow the setup steps.

2.) Turn on the Zip….turn on the Bluetooth on your phone…and head over to your phone settings to link the Zip to your phone via Bluetooth. (Takes 30 seconds to complete all of this!)

3.) Go back to the SnapTouch app, open it up and pick your pictures!


After you have selected a picture, it goes to an “Image Preview” where you can edit, send the photo to text or email, or send it directly to be printed. ( See my silly flip flip photo for an example!)

Zip demo


From here I always hit the little pencil icon to edit my image. You can crop it, add a filter or frame, add text, and more!  On the top tool bar, if you select the icon third from the left you can create a mini collage! (see image below) I love this feature! You can print 4 mini pictures on one paper! One tip I will mention is that I typically always brighten up my picture because sometimes this printer can print a little dark or yellow. (I also use an app called “FotoRus” to enhance my picture or improve the quality.) Here is what the next screen looks like:


Once you have the picture the way you want it, hit print!! Check out  fast it prints!


Did I mention the paper is a sticker??!! So cool!



There are a variety of other smart phone printers on the market such as:

  • Canon Selphie
  • Prynter
  • LG PoPo
  • HP Sprocket

I have not used any of these brands, so I can not compare them to the Zip. Overall, the Polaroid Zip is a fun little gadget to print your pictures and get creative, or just load up the front of your refrigerator!


As always, thanks for reading!