Phew! I made it!

Is this real? I can’t believe it….I actually launched a blog! Back in July when I quit my job as a Bridal Stylist I was not sure what my next journey would be, I just knew I had to be home more with my kiddos.

I started working when I was 11 years old ( yeah, I was young!). I worked at a family owned restaurant rolling silverware and babysitting for neighbors; I’ve ALWAYS worked. I knew just being home wasn’t gonna work for me; I needed to be doing something that seemed like work, somewhere I had to be accountable and could be social, too. Well, that’s when I sat down and Googled “Starting a Blog”.

It sounded perfect! I can create a digital journal where I can can share all the things I loved? –>SIGN ME UP!   However, I didn’t have the first clue about blogging. I sat at my dining room table with my handy notebook and I stumbled upon some wonderful resources,  I read and researched and finally decided to jump in!

So, here I am…..and to be 100% honest, I am totally winging this! Nonetheless, I am excited to get to know all of you (if I don’t already!), share crafts, tips, sales, bargains, and everything planning & journal related!

I hope you stick around and follow my blogging journey!



12 thoughts on “Phew! I made it!

  1. Exciting!!!! Yay for you. I just moved and I now how my very own office/crafty room. I’m looking for some ideas for must haves in my room. Right now it is full of boxes that need to be unpacked (full of stuff for all over the house). any suggestions let me know. This will be a month or two journey. (I’ll really kick it on gear when my kiddos head back to school )

    1. Hi Sherry! Your very own craft room?! So exciting! I am lucky enough to have my own space, as well! It took me almost a year to figure out what I needed and where to put it. I sew a little, do some embroidery, scrapbooking, & planning, so I have loads of supplies! I am planning to do a post sometime soon about organization tips and some of my favorite tools in the craft room. One quick tip I will share is my Raskog cart from IKEA::it is my favorite “tool” for my space! It is a 3 tier cart on wheels. I believe Walmart & Michael’s sell a similar one for around $30. Good luck and thanks for reaching out!

  2. What a great idea Elisa!! Looking forward to following along!!! I love seeing all your fun crafts and thrifty finds!

  3. Lots of luck with your new adventure. Since I am not crafty, I will enjoy reading what the crafty people have to say. Enjoy!

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