Pen Pals: A fun way to get snail mail!

Yes, Pen Pals! When was the last time you received a fun letter or postcard? Been a while, right? Now a days everyone sends things digitally; notes, party invites, get well messages…even  ‘thank you’ notes. Maybe it’s because it is a hassle to remember to buy stamps or maybe it’s because we are all in such a hurry. Whichever the reason, the art of “Snail Mail” has become lost.

Let’s be honest, we all love opening the mailbox and finding something addressed to us that isn’t a bill! Well, channel your inner 10 year old self and write a pen pal! There are quite a few ways to find a new friend that will be excited to exchange post cards or even some fun goodies! —-Keep reading!—

I have been a “Planner Girl” for almost 2 years now ( yes, if you are unaware there is a HUGE planning community! We even have awesome meet ups…more on that later!). I have met some awesome friends and I even have a Planner Pal! We met in a planner-related Facebook group where someone started a thread asking if anyone was interested in having a Pen Pal.  We have never met in person, she lives in Virginia, and we have been sending each other planner goodies for over a year now! It is SO exciting to get home to a small package or note that was not expected.

I recently participated in an amazing Crafty Girl Swap hosted by    .  She hosts a variety of crafty events; some online and some in person. This particular swap had a limit of people and had some guidelines. Once you signed up, she sent you a questionnaire on what your likes and dislikes were and then paired you up with someone. It was so much fun shopping and wrapping for my Pen Pal! I went with a popsicle theme & she did polkadots! You can search #CraftyPlannerGirlSwap on Instagram to see all the photos from everyone who participated!  ( one of the guidelines was you must post a photo before they are mailed and also send the tracking info.) If you are interested in joining in, follow   to see when the next swap is!

Pen Pal Planner Swap gifts       Pen pal Planner swap gifts

The best way to find a Pen Pal can be through Facebook groups. There is one group called “Pen Pals Ladies Only”. I am a member of the group, but have not yet exchanged mail. There are plenty of groups that are open to Pen Pals…just search what you are interested in, whether it be Knitting, Bible Journaling, Jewelry Making, Bullet Journaling, etc.

If you are a little weary at first about sending things, try a good ‘ol fashion postcard swap! I have done this and it was so cool! I received a ton of post cards from all over just for sending them one from the beautiful city where I live.

Pen pal Post cards


Instagram has loads of people and groups that just want to have a pen pal. Try searching a few of these hashtags to get started or for inspiration:: #PenPalsWanted, #PenPalSearch, #SnailMail, #PlannerSwap, #PostcardForSwap

Pinterest is also a great place for inspriation. . Check out my Pinterest Board for some envelope decorating ideas!



I hope you run to Walgreens, CVS, or a local shop to pick up a post card and get started sending and receiving!


As always, thanks for reading!




7 thoughts on “Pen Pals: A fun way to get snail mail!

  1. This is so you Elisa….with all of your ideas and creativity this is a perfect way for you to share with everyone! So proud of you as a mom a wife a sister a friend and of course best babysitter of all time! I’ll be following your blog for sure xo

    1. Thank you so much for all the kind words, Kathy! So happy you are following along…hopefully you’ll learn a little something! 😉

  2. Looks so fun and I know the kids would love it too. Checking the mail is the most exciting and most fought over duty of the day! Everyone likes to check the mail. What a fun way to make it even more exciting!!!

  3. Fun fun..I have a question miss Elisa..I have a lot of family that I have to mail gifts to.I would like a craft for Christmastime that is not to heavy to mail yet a memorable and fun time peice..any ideas?

    1. Absolutely! I will make a list of a few easy and budget friendly crafts and do a post on it!

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