About Me

Hi! I’m Elisa, I currently live in South Georgia, where it is constantly muggy and sand gnats are a major nuisance! I am originally from the ocean state; Rhode Island. I moved south for college and on my forth day I met the love of my life! We now have been together for 16 years and married for 10 years….. I like this guy so much, I even married him twice! We recently renewed our vows in a cheesy white chapel in Las Vegas…it was totally tacky, but an absolute blast! When I am not busy being a mom to my 2 wild children, you can find me in my craft room (and sometimes at the beach with a few crafty goodies!) I also have 3 adorable chi-hua-huas; Buster, Bentli, and Bella. Our house is pretty full!



My Crafty Side:    I have always loved crafts and journalling. I started my first diary when I was 6 or 7 years old. I have a terrible memory, so if I don’t take pictures or write it down I forget! As an adult I enjoy art journalling and using mixed media. I dabble in sewing, but only for myself and family ( my stitches can be a little wonky!)  Living in the south people put their names on EVERYTHING, and it just so happens that I love my monogram, so I bought an embroidery machine! Lastly, planning……I currently use 3 planners, yes THREE! I will show you how I use each one effectively. I hoard planner supplies, I can’t help it. I love stickers, pens, washi, and stamps. While I am confessing, I should mention I have too many traveler’s notebooks (a-k-a TN)….I can’t help it, I’m addicted and I need them all!

My thrifty side:    YARD SALES! I love them, always have. My son is an early riser and he is usually my partner in crime. I love hunting fun treasures and getting them for cheap! FLEA MARKETS! I love ’em, too! I love anything vintage and flea markets are the best place to find a hidden gem! COUPONS! I use them all the time. I am not a ‘crazy coupon lady’ who spends hours clipping, but I do sit down every Sunday (with one of my TNs) and pile them up for my trip to Kroger. I also love big sales….Black Friday is a long time favorite! I will be sure to share all of my sneaky secrets to help you save a little too!

Blogging:    This is a whole new world to me! I cannot wait to share all the fun and thrifty things that bring me joy! I hope you stick around and follow me while I create chatter!










     Some things I love:

Vintage Campers

Ellen Degeneres

Playing Tennis

Vintage Typewriters

Bob Marley


Kate Spade

Warm chocolate chip cookies

The 60’s & Woodstock

Channing Tatum


Foxy Fix

Fried Green Tomatoes (Movie)

Fountain Pens






Little Birds

Sarah McLaughlin

Tropical Getaways